TSMC Vaporware:  3-D "Ecosystem"

EETimes reports that TSMC is:
"… putting the pieces in place to enable 3-D designs based on silicon interposers and through silicon vias (TSVs)."
This sounds very encouraging, until you get down into the article just a bit further...
As part of the new efforts in its platform, TSMC is putting the pieces in place for a 3-D IC design methodology.  First, TSMC is developing a design methodology for a silicon interposer technology.   Then, it will have a TSV capability.

TSMC is not offering a silicon interposer or TSV manufacturing capability--yet. It is merely putting together the ecosystem and design tools, Quan said.  ''We are putting the pieces in place,'' he said, but ''some of the pieces (for 3-D) are not there.''
Ahh, now I understand.  Someone in marketing at TSMC has noticed the recent excitement around 3-D, and they jumped on the bandwagon with this announcement.  Perhaps their next press release will claim that they are preparing a "green 3-D politically correct ecosystem."  That should cover all of the bases.  TSMC certainly has the resources and stake in moving stacked die technology along faster.  In that light, this announcement is pretty disappointing.  Come on guys, step up.  Some little birdies have been telling me that Global Foundries is already out ahead in bringing 3-D into mainstream production.

The TSMC press release

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