Elpida Prepping for 3-D Commercialization

Semiconductor International has a very informative story regarding 3-D directions at Elpida Memory, Inc.

"In a recent interview with Nikkei Microelectronics, Takao Adachi, the Elpida CTO in charge of new technology development, indicated that Elpida is looking to use its 3-D TSV technology to expand beyond its DRAM business and supply system solutions developed by stacking memory with RF, sensor or logic devices that would come from partner companies. Although the interview indicated that commercial 3-D devices would be shipped in 2010, very little detail was revealed about the 3-D IC process itself. "

Elpida 8Gb DRAM - 8 die with TSVs

Elpida's 8 Gb DRAM product with eight die connected by TSVs.

Read the rest of the interview here…

As we've been predicting, 2010 seems to be shaping up as the year of broad commercialization for 3-D technology.

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