2010 IEEE SCV-EDS/Applied Materials Technical Symposium - Sold Out

Unfortunately, I've been a bit lax in keeping up with my IEEE event announcements, so I didn't notice this symposium until a colleague brought it to my attention.  When I tried to register, I discovered, to my dismay, that the meeting was already "full."  Sadness…  It looks like it will be extremely interesting:

IC Insights Predicts Delays for TSVs

And just as we're getting started, comes this somewhat glum commentary from IC Insights. According to the story from CommsDesign:


They say that beginnings are important, but beginnings are also a challenge.  With that in mind, I'd like to introduce myself and this blog.  We're creating a venture, and a community, around the idea that semiconductor manufacturability has become constrained by die area.  Users demand more functionality.  Even with shrinking geometries, die size is becoming unmanageable.  Yields are negatively affected, performance and power consumption are clearly hurt as smaller wires have longer runs.

We assert that the solution is analogous to boundary constrained urban areas (think Manhattan).  When they can't expand out anymore, they go up.  We believe that the most viable option for cramming more functionality into smaller areas, while improving performance and minimizing power consumption, lies in vertical integration — die stacking.

We formed 4DChips to provide technology and services that will enable system designers to readily address user requirements by taking advantage of multi-level vertical integration.  This blog will be our primary medium for sharing insight and developments.  We'll also highlight our partners, and hope to feature content from them as the relationships develop.

I've been developing, marketing, selling and delivering technology for nearly thirty years. Most of my background is in software engineering and chip development.  Most recently, I have been fascinated by developing mobile software.  My other venture BluMtnWerx has a number of apps currently selling in the iTunes App Store.

I hope that you'll find the content that we share to be both useful and informative.  I also invite everyone to participate in the conversation by posting comments and/or becoming partners.