Wow, Tabula Scores Some Serious $$

Congratulations to the folks at Tabula on raising US$108M in their Series D round.  It looks like they'll have an opportunity to take a run at grabbing the brass ring.

Although, as mentioned previously, Tabula's third dimension is time, not stacking additional die in Z, the announcement is still really interesting for those of us with scars from the perilous world of start-up FPGA companies (extra points for anyone that remembers eXtensil…).

Anyway, back to Tabula, EETimes had a nice article describing the company and its technology.  The short version is that they enable on-the-fly reprogramming which should allow for better resource usage and performance relative to traditional FPGAs.  Of course, we talked about similar approaches at both eXtensil and 4D Chips, but talk is cheap and execution wins every time, so hats off to the team at Tabula.

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